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Founded by Daisaku Ikeda, Soka University opened its doors on April 2nd in 1971, putting forth the following 3 founding principles:

  • -Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education
  • -Be the cradle of a new culture
  • -Be a fortress for the peace of humankind.

Initially established with 3 faculties, Soka University has now expanded to 8 undergraduate faculties and 10 departments, 6 graduate schools, and 2 professional graduate schools. Soka University has further developed its academic curricula and support systems acknowledging students’ needs. Located in Hachioji, a suburb of Tokyo, our verdant campus provides an optimal learning environment and offers one of the most comprehensive international exchange programs in Japan. Soka University has concluded academic exchange agreements with 236 universities from 65 countries and regions as of October 2022. Currently, over 600 international students from 61 countries and regions are enrolled at the university.

Soka University was selected as one of the Go Global Japan Project in 2012 and also as one of the Top Global University Project in 2014 by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology (MEXT). These two initiatives were launched to enhance the global competitiveness of Japanese universities (higher education throughout Japan), facilitate system reforms, and foster capable global individuals. With the emergence of a global society, Soka University seeks to foster "Creative Global Citizens" who are proficient in languages, equipped to work for consensus, and dedicated to advancing peace and sustainable prosperity.


Soka University Official Website: https://www.soka.ac.jp/en/

SOKA University – Early Summer Landscape

Access to Soka University

1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-8577, Japan

Airport to Hachioji Station

[By Airport Limousine]

- From Narita International Airport: About 125 – 165 minutes
*No direct limousine bus from Narita International Airport to Hachioji Station as of January 12, 2023.

- From Haneda Airport: About 90 – 105 minutes

For the latest and accurate information regarding the departure times, please refer to the official website below.The bus schedule may change due to certain circumstances.

[By Train]

- From Narita International Airport: About 120 minutes

  • Take the Narita express to Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station.
  • Transfer to JR Chuo Line bound for Takao.
  • Get off at Hachioji Station.
  • - From Haneda Airport International Terminal: About 90 minutes

  • Take the Tokyo Monorails to Hamamatsu Cho Station or take Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station.
  • Transfer to JR Yamanote Line.
  • Get off at Shinjuku Station.
  • Take the JR Chuo Line bound for Takao.
  • Get off at Hachioji Station.
  • Hachioji Station to Soka University

    - About 25 minutes by public bus
    Access: https://www.soka.ac.jp/en/access

    - A bus that will go directly to the Soka University campus will depart near Keio Hachioji Station (in front of 7-Eleven). Please come to the meeting place at least 5min before the scheduled departure time.

    Time of Departure: 7:50 AM
    Meeting Place: In front of the convenience store 7-Eleven

    Please refer to the link below for the map details.

    Accommodation Information

    There are hotels in the Hachioji area with English websites.

    As for your information, many of the participants from the 2018 Conference in Soka University has used the hotels below that are near the JR Hachioji Station: